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Air Commodore

Officer's Full Dress

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London tailored Air Commodore's tunic dated 1921, just one year after the Full Dress uniform was introduced. Produced from a high quality Venetian cloth, with a standing collar closed by two stout hook and eyes. Its use was officially suspended towards the outbreak of WWII, although there are a number of photographs clearly showing it being worn by Air Officers post WWII as late as 1952/3.





The skirt of the tunic was pleated and flitted with two gilt buttons to the rear.

Officers of Air rank officers had the feature of oak leaves and acorns running all the way round the collar of their tunics, whilst ranks of Flight Lieutenants and below had a device of five oak leaves only without the acorns on the front of each side of the collar as per the example in the above image. Squadron Leaders to Group Captains had oak leaves and acorns running three and half inches from the front to the back.


The sword belt hook was sewn into left hand side of the waist seam.


Shoulder straps for Officer's of Air rank featured laurel wreath embroidered into the material around the button in addition to the Eagle and Crown that appeared on the straps of all officers.

Air Commodore rank was denoted  by the use of 2 inch wide gold bullion lace on the lower sleeves. The final button of the seven that were fitted to the front of the tunic being placed half an inch below the waist seam.



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